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  1. Hello. First i must say AHCI drives me mad. Ive done i million diffrent reg files and copied files back and forth altering ini-files and so on. I got a ASUS P5E3 Deluxe with the latest 1001 bios and Windows XP SP2. When i set SATA to IDE in bios i can install and run windows. When i set it to AHCI Windows boots up to BSOD and restart. I dont see the Login screen. And if i try to install Windows it cant find my harddrive. So now i have downloaded latest Intel Matrix driver "iata78_enu.exe" and extractad it with -a variable and then downloaded nLite and alterd a new Windows ISO with the driver. Now when i set it to AHCI in bios and installs from this disc windows finds the harddisk and i can make partitions and format and install. I can see during the install that he uses the iStor.sys driver for the Satacontroler so it looks promising. But when its fully installed and doing the last reboot i come to BSOD I then have to go to bios and set it to IDE to get in to windows If i now check c:\windows\system32 the iStor.sys is here and installed. So now i really dont know what more to do. * * Offtopic * * I have a IDE DVD+RW and if i set that to AHIC in bios its no problem just install the jMicron drivers for it and it apairs under "SCSI/RAID controller". Kind reguards //Didge