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  1. nice list but i'm still sticking to my own list (thats fully customized to my needs, and thus isnt very big
  2. anypne know the install switch for KB917283 ?
  3. lets hope it works, i now put that active and lets hope for the best
  4. there must be some other way around it...
  5. is there any way to ndisable the restart notification after you have installed some updates??? because right this morning i installed some updates, i run a game and after 5 mins it al gets focked up because that window is saying that i need to restart..
  6. I thought the exact same thing until someone introduced me to the 'Print this Topic' link at the top of the thread... this will display the entire thread on 1 page, then you can simply use your browsers search function to find what youre looking for! ahhh wel thats usefull now the other thingy
  7. is there a way to disable the following messagebox?: i've tryed google & the search of the forum but coudn't find it :? anyone??? and P.S. maybe an good idea to put all the reg tweaks into 1 or 2 posts right behind echother?? that would make searching a whole lot simpler
  8. try it in u local language.. maybe then we can help??
  9. i'm using the following: winamp504_pro.exe" /S taskkill /F /IM winampa.exe taskkill /F /IM winamp.exe
  10. is it possible to have your details already filled it @ or isn't it possible?
  11. i would say, use umarc for xompressing it is on some points better than winrar and it doesnt bother that it is a ms-dos program.. <-- dutch comparison between compressers...
  12. got ot perfecly working.. use the iunstyallshield method described in the msfn unattended win xp guide.. that will do the trick..
  13. i already have that switch....
  14. why?? maybe because he wants a install with all the options?? (so including the contorl panel etc)