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  1. Ask Nuhi.Nlite is his project
  2. answer is no.because g-force is boss here hahaha
  3. And who are you? Nuhi's speaker?
  4. No new version of nlite?Last version is relative old.
  5. nlite 1.4.8 doesn't integrate KB951618
  6. I have one question.Can I remove MSXML 2.0 in winXP without any problem?Thanks
  7. scorpi.dragon look at http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/windo...ice-pack-3.html
  8. http://www.keir.net/neutron.html
  9. I think if I had removed ''SERVER TELNET'' in ''COMPONENTS'' that will be removed telnet.exe but telnet.exe is always there.Sorry for my english
  10. Hi, If I had removed telnet in component removal setup that telnet stay in I386.I tried version 1.4.1 but in version 1.4.5 is the same problem.Thanks