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  1. My new camera saves the photos as JPEG files. My other programs have no trouble opening them. Microsoft PhotoDraw can open my older photos (also JPEG files) from previous cameras as well as other jpegs from the internet, etc. but will show the photos from my new camera in preview form but gives me an error message saying that the file has been corrupted when I know that it has not. Thanks for replying to my question. In all other respects, I like using PhotoDraw.
  2. I recently purchased a new digital camera (Canon G7) and my PhotoDraw program which works fine otherwise and has no problem opening digital images other than those from my new camera sends an error message: "PhtoDraw cannot access this file. It may be damaged." but the preview shows before opening and the files can be opened with other programs. I happen to like PhotoDraw and have many .mix files that I use for my presentations. Can anyone help me? thanks