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  1. This OOBE setup works fine for me: <OOBE> <HideEULAPage>true</HideEULAPage> <NetworkLocation>Home</NetworkLocation> <ProtectYourPC>1</ProtectYourPC> <SkipMachineOOBE>true</SkipMachineOOBE> <SkipUserOOBE>true</SkipUserOOBE> </OOBE>
  2. Hello, Do you use WDS for the installation or just install it with an DVD? Because if you use WDS you use two .xml files, one called Unattended.xml and one called ImageUnattended.xml (I guess it was something like that?) Unattended.xml that WDS use for the configuration of partition and all that, and ImageUnattended.xml that it use for skip OOBE. /Berghallen
  3. Perfect for me
  4. You can borrow your mothers creditcard? It's the easiest way.