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  1. Ok, it's quite simple to make a multi-bootable DVD with all you need... But anyone have build a multi-boot USB Flash (memory) stick? How can we emulate the USB Flash Disk to boot from a CD-ROM (DVD-ROM) Boot-Image? How can insert the El Torito boot image from the Windows XP setup CD to the USB Flash Disk? As we all know, El Torito boot specification can be of 3 types: Hard Disk emulation, Floppy Disk emulation, or None (Custom) emulation. All those boot images can be extracted from .ISO image, or directly from the CD. The Hard disk or Floppy disk emulation are easy to put on any memory stick, but the No Emulation (Custom) boot image is only 2048 bytes, and are incompatible with the FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS file system. The Windows XP bootable setup CD is one of these kind of "no emulation"... So, the question is: Can we write the 2048 bytes boot image on a flash USB stick? Can we boot and install the Windows XP from this USB stick, like installing from the CD-ROM?