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  1. I've been working on a direct integration because I found that different vendors include different secondary raid controllers so my first thought was to properly integrate the Intel Matrix storage drivers and I've actually come up with a solid working solution that didn't require nLite, doesn't affect recovery and doesn't use winnt.sif so adding additional drivers if required with "F6" doesn't break the installation process. It covers ICH6 - ICH9 in RAID and AHCI mode and it doesn't mess up installations if you have IDE set or your board doesn't support RAID/AHCI. The only issue I've got now is that it complains about the WHQL but a mouse click gets you passed it so it's not a real problem but more of an annoyance. Even using nLite you get the same WHQL problem but using winnt.sif you can set it to ignore this so it's not a terribly serious problem or one to cause any major concern. If you give me a day I'll put together the instructions and the files and post them. -- BuildSmart