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  1. Thank you very much Ashinator, that was exactly what i needed! I should have read both guides before bothering this forumm, thank you.
  2. Hello, thank you for these nice guides. I have used a very similar method to build - capture my image, using virtual pc instead of vmware, the hal is already at acpi pc in virtual pc , used mass drivers from driverspack and mysysprep. So my image should work with computers that have acpi multi cpu hal thanks to mysysprep that will change the hal in the mini setup stage, however when a multi cpu acpi boots from wds (i have used the boot.wim in vista dvd sp1 to make my boot image) my "universal" xp image is not shown in the list because it shows only the hal compatible images. I dot know if that hal detection and the filtering of the image list to show only the compatible ones is from the wds or the winpe environment in the boot.wim (from vista dvd). Has anyone had that problem , can that hal detection be disabled so it can show all available images , even the incobatible ones? Thank you in advance.