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  1. xD Yes, thats correct. Can I keep it that way, or do I have to change the AD domain?
  2. Even if you have a small budget, I would try to get something that you can expand with. For example try to save up for a while and get a decent motherboard and a decent processor. You can always start out with a small 20gig hard drive just for the linux os and then put in bigger hard drives for the websites. Plus when you get some extra cash you can put in more RAM if you start doing proxy servers and all that good stuff. Good luck!
  3. Hey everybody, I have a question and was wondering if some of you could help me out. I have a server 2003 box that is my main dns server. This server is also an active directory controller, so it tries to make the main A record for the server the AD box, not my webserver box. Every time that I try to change the main A record to my webserver, it will just automatically change it to itself after about 10 minutes. Is there a way of keeping the A record to the webserver and have active directory on the DNS box? Thanks