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  1. Okay thank you..
  2. Hi guys i have problem with my XP after i launched registrywinner! And it damaged my XP! I know it was stupid to use that software! I have important files on my hardisk - I have 2 partitions C and D partition - How i can get data from these partitions to my USB flash if SAFE MODE DOES NOT WORK TOO! PC ALL TIME RESTART
  3. I re-installed XP x64 on my PC! And later i updated it with all hotfixes and after hotfixes installation Nero do not want install. Where's problem?
  4. No dude i m not tried this method. But i try;)
  5. Thanks xfxBaker
  6. Can somebody smarter than can fix this file plz! I know that this file isn't secure becouse can steal cookies from my WEB! I Hope somebody help me fix this file;) Regards kp380lv Reason for edit: Moved code to an attachment. functions.txt
  7. Yeah! But you know i was installed 32 bit XP and Most Wnated working just great! So problem is in Windows XP x64!
  8. Yes i can open other files but that file i can't open:(
  9. When I try open my VISIO file then show's this error! "The Microsoft Office Visio Viewer can not load the specified URL or file" I need open that document becouse it is very important for me! I hope somebody can help me:) Regards
  10. Hi i wanna ask --> Can somebody insert all Windows XP x64 SP2 Hotfixes and Updates?
  11. Not working!? How can it be? NFS Carbon works but MW not working!NFS Underground and Underground 2 also working! ????
  12. Problem in setup after I enter NFS serial key!Then setup failed and shows -> Need latest directx 9.c! But i have already installed newest directx! With NFS Carbon no problem!Only NFS MW
  13. Somebody can tell me why NFS MW not working on x64 systems??? How to fix this if I wanna play NFS MW on Windows XP x64???
  14. Probably best for x64 system is Outpost Firewall Security Pro suite x64!Outpost package contains firewall,antivirus,spyware,email scanner and other cool stuff;) And use LOW resources:)
  15. Ok!Thanks;)