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  1. thanks for helping me here, however this link dosen't help me at all, infect it was out of subject. my actual problem is i don't have hibernate option in my vista. please let me know if there is anything elso you know about the issue, any help would be appriciated. Thanks OOOH. I'm sorry I misunderstood.
  2. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vis...rid-sleep-mode/
  3. Extract and run the following reg fix: http://www.winhelponline.com/fileasso/drivefix_vista.zip Reboot. If that doesn't work then do the following: Click Start Type: cmd [enter] Right-click cmd when it appears under Programs Click Run As Administrator At the command prompt, type: sfc /scannow [enter] Reboot.
  4. http://www.goesp.com/Downloads/Software/Co...Video%20Driver/ Maybe that will work for ya?
  5. Can you ping and/or tracert google.com?
  6. Vista will not be "retired". The article states that Gates will most likely release a prerelease build of Windows 7 to the public sometime next year.
  7. What brand and model is your computer?
  8. Graphics and network adapter is what I always update.
  9. I'd go with Web Edition. If money isn't a problem then go with Standard.
  10. http://download.microsoft.com/download/f/c...wertoySetup.exe Install TweakUI and then go to the "Desktop" section of the program. From there you should have an option of whether My Computer or My Documents should be first.
  11. IIS 5 will only give you issues security-wise if you leave it unupdated (run Windows Update) or leave it on the default config out of the box. IIS 6 should run fine security-wise out of the box. In this sense, installing Server 2003/2008 would be a wise choice. Please also note that Windows Server 2003 costs $400+
  12. XP Pro is fine as a server. Why else package it with IIS? Either that or Apache.
  13. I wouldn't recommend upgrading anything if that's all you are going to use that server for. It should preform fine. However, your bandwidth may become an issue considering you only have 1.5m upload shared over 200 users. Another issue is the fact that you're streaming audio. Streaming + 200 peeps @ 1.5 shared = BAD. Try to get some more bandwidth if anything.
  14. Yes. Back in those days Microsoft cared less about software piracy and more about product uniqueness and registration. A lot of those programs simply just took a "111-111-1111" format and worked by just entering ones as well. As far as legalities go with Microsoft: They don't care about you pirating Windows 98 and below. They no longer profit (or lose profit through pirating) off of these obsolete products. I HIGHLY doubt it will hurt them or anyone else if you didn't acquire a license to Windows 3.1.
  15. Find the ntoskrnl.exe for the new boot screen. If the program doesn't generate ntoskrnl.exe then just install the bootscreen to your computer and browse to WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/ntoskrnl.exe. 1. Copy ntoskrnl.exe to your dektop then compress it. To compress it type in "compress ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.ex_" and it will make ntoskrnl.ex_. 2. Browse to your Windows XP ISO/disk in the i386 folder and replace the ntoskrnl.ex_ that is located there with the one you just made. 3. Install and enjoy. Lemme know if you have anymore questions.