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  1. my question was if i have 6 versions of windows vista on a disc could i delete the versions i do not use. if so, how do i do it? hopefully that made it clearer
  2. so i just run all of these programs when i make a clean install of vista?
  3. yeah... but HOW do you do it when you want 32bit ultimate and 64bit ultimate on the boot disc and not the others...? i have vlite on my pc and i load my disc on vlite. it then asks me to pick a os i would like to edit... i want to edit 2 of them and delete the rest..
  4. well i have windows vista aio rtm sp1 and i have all of the versions of vista... my question is that is it possible for me to edit the whole aio disc in vlite and make it still an aio disc after editing? everytime i try to do it in vlite i dont know how because it gives makes me select one of the operating systems i want to edit... i want to edit all of them in the iso file... simple version: vista rtm aio has all the vista operating systems which is about 4.33 GB what i want to do: make the vista rtm aio disc into 700-800mb so that when i boot the disc it will show all of the options instead of one option... what i mean by options is the operating systems... so... is there a way to do it?