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  1. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y279/dbha...dbwallpaper.jpg
  2. nevermind , of some sort but i think i have a better idea, im just going to sfx some stuff.. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=16943
  3. you mean you wanna do an xplode instalation? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...18429&hl=xplode
  4. dunno what to use, /S? or something or edit the ini's? info please, if its already posted please post link cause i cant find it in the search..
  5. nevermind ill just create a sfx with my shorcuts and have them go for the selected directories..
  6. main question is tho how would i create one. (new at this stuff)
  7. i made a few sfx's to be run when the programs being installed, they create in the correct area's exampe: server.exe [sfx cmd's] ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Path=[server]SavePathSilent=1Overwrite=2Shortcut=T, "C:\Program Files\[server]\abyssws.exe", "C:\Program Files\[server]\", "Abyss Web Server", "localhost"what im trying to do is add a shortcut , in the startup but it doesnt create one, is there an easier way , say like registry or something for all users..
  8. i dunno if this one would help but adminpassword is suposed to be * not "*"
  9. perhaps its been deleted then ive seen it on here.. /s i think but dunno never tried to mess with it, i know 1.5 can be dumped and just asks for cd key, i packaged mine and SFX'd it with winrar.
  10. i guess that was it :B lol. thanks for the help guys.
  11. ill find out in ... an hour or so lol.
  12. checked the winnt.sif, on the link, it's about the same mine [unattended] UnattendMode=FullUnattended OemSkipEula=Yes OemPreinstall=Yes UnattendSwitch=Yes TargetPath=\WINDOWS Repartition=Noaarons' [unattended]UnattendMode=FullUnattendedOemSkipEula=YesOemPreinstall=YesTargetPath=\WINDOWSFileSystem=*UnattendSwitch="yes"WaitForReboot="No"DriverSigningPolicy=IgnoreOemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\000_intel_INF;Drivers\001_gigabit_LAN;Drivers\002_monitor"KeyboardLayout="United Kingdom"does the "'s matter on unattended switch? that might be a reason...
  13. well it added the user and set the auto login, im just guessing theres an enabled proccess that shouldnt be there.
  14. ok well , oddly i just have to get rid of that window, it now boots up as localhost, im guessing i have the ... welcome screen enabled.. which was never on... in the first place... bah lemme check. [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword=* EncryptedAdminPassword=NO OEMSkipRegional=1 TimeZone=020 OemSkipWelcome=1off yes?
  15. i dont think cmdlines.txt is working ;\ or something else is screwing up ;\