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  1. Unfortunately I didn't succeed in downgrading BIOS: afudos has detected that firmware 3.02 was older than my mb and refused to do that
  2. Hi! Thanks for the reply. I've managed to download the old bios version 3.02 via ftp Asus Taiwan, but strange as it is they don't let anonymous users log in any more... You may download it from here: http://depositfiles.com/files/4668893
  3. Hi! I have this ASUS P5K mb, the latest bios version, but the only option I can see in "Configure SATA as" is IDE. It means that NCQ is not available. So with ICH9 (no "R") NCQ does not work? That was the answer from ASUS. Or I can try to find somewhere an old version of bios firmware, flash it and enjoy?