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  1. brother tell how i edite please wait screen xp

  2. just you want to install a themes or visual styles then you be get the xp visual styles software then you complete use your visual styles in your window xp sp3 system... thanks.
  3. make sure you have a installed a windows xp sp1 or window xp sp2 after cheaking your windows xp version then restart your computer in safe mode than backup your moded logonui file in your system32 folder then restart your computer comuter syste and ger your custom logonui. and if your are not get then convert your logonui file in logonui.ex_and it then it's completer and 100% working. thanks
  4. hello eveyone just tell me that how can i modify this screen it means windows xp image create profile.
  5. hello everyone i want to customize windows xp copying files screen
  6. Hello everyone i want to know about that how to modify windows xp please wait screen after windows xp setup ...
  7. windows xp please wait screen....after windows xp setup...