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  1. They removed the option now ah well.
  2. Was just looking around G Data's site and noticed this http://www.gdatasoftware.co.uk/online-shop...urity-2010.html Is that £0.00 for the real thing? or is it just a bug on their end? as when you go here http://www.gdatasoftware.co.uk/online-shop...vate-users.html It does say From £0.00... I bought 1 anyway just in case and it charged me £3 for DHL delivery.. and a pdf receipt was sent saying that's the legal receipt. Hope I'm not getting screwed lol
  3. ive read around a few places that xp slipstreamed with sp3 under vista causes the vlk key not to work even though the installation knows itself as a volume release. simple fix, set compatibility of nlite to xpsp2 and sorted if this has already been stated elsewhere sorry for bringing it up, just thought it would help some. /xp