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  1. Over the past several months, the PhotoDraw 2000 software installed on my computer has failed to recognize and open JPEGs created with my Olympus E-300. Each day, more and more photos generate the error message, "PhotoDraw cannot access this file. It may be damaged." These are photos that would open without problem in PhotoDraw up to a few months ago on my computer, and still will open on other computers with the same XP operating system and the same version of PhotoDraw installed. They also will open on my computer in Windows Explorer, ACDSee, Picasa, PhotoShop and every other photo viewer and editor. I have reinstalled PhotoDraw from the original disk 3 of the 4-disk Office 2000 Update set, but there has been no improvement. Microsoft's help website is remarkably silent about PhotoDraw. Has anyone out there had a similar problem and solved it? I'm baffled. PhotoDraw has a number of bells and whistles that aren't available on simpler programs, especially effects, the ability to add text and non-photo-graphics, and the variety of formats for saving finished work; and it is easier and quicker to use than PhotoShop. I really like it and want to continue using it. What do you think? Thanks.