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  1. Thanks again Fernando! Just finished installing XP from the boot CD that I created by using this guide. Everything went smooth. Now I just need to figure out how to create dual boot XP/Vista..... Kudos, Dave
  2. Hi Fernando, thank you very much for this guide. I am wanting to setup a dual boot system, first by installing XP, and then Vista. Currently I am running XP on the Intel D975XBX2 mobo, with 4 drives in Matix RAID array. I am upgrading to the Intel DX48BT2 mobo, which is DDR3 mem and ICH9R. Also, no floppy drive, which is why I am needing your help. I just noticed the note about the 4 gigs of memory for a 32-bit OS and that is what I am going to be using, 2x2gig of 1600 Mhz DDR3, that Intel says must be installed in both dimms in channel B. Do I have to buy new memory just to install XP on this board, or can I use the DDR2 that I am currently using in the 975 board? I do not think x48 supports. Thank you, Dave