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  1. hi blue, how about add cab ? i wanna adding cab to master win7....
  2. no problem at all w/ WAIK win7
  3. nice tutor bro..... unfortunately i didn't find this tutor a few days ago......
  4. here's my log btw i can built ISO with 7cust. v 030 but there's no progress bar.... so i thougt 7cust hang... about ± 2 min. there's pop up say 'bla...bla... OK'. thx bro 4 Ur progie.... log7Customizer.txt
  5. nice progie bro... i've insert updates for win7, i'm gonna try in Vbox....
  6. @bro radix, i tried in virtual PC & success my OS in partition C nothing happen when i tried to host PC, OS in partition D [dual boot vista in C]. maybe i have to try to choose 'allow relocation' like you said. thx bro for that info....
  7. thx bro for your info about installrite. i hope this will solve my problem....