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  1. Hi there, Good news from me. I've already sucessfully setup my TV Card - Leadtek DTV2000H on Windows Server 2008 x32 system. Steps what did i do: Install latest Leadtek drivers for Vista x32 (download) After restart, there was 1 unsucessfull driver installed(later i found it was WinFast DTV2000 H WDM Audio Capture) Update this unsucessfull driver with driver CX23880. (download) After restart all devices are installed successfull, there are no unknown/unsucessfull drivers in Device Manager Then i found repack of BDAForServer with included files from Vista (SageTV for Server2003/2008 - search for - Microsoft_BDA_Components_For_Server_2008. Extract archive to C:\bdaforserver\ and run as administrator c:\bdaforserver\Setup For x86\Setup BDA.bat Then i follow instructions from file Instructions.txt After restart i install latest WinFast PVR2 (download) The hard part is done Now i run Winfast PVR2 application and program successfully detect and allow me to select capture device WinFast DTV2000 H WDM Video Capture Rescan channels and i got all channels like in Windows XP, yeah! But hey, i hear no sound from my speakers!!! But when i try to record movie and then play this record movie, i found that movie has audio and i hear everything. funny isnt it? Then i play with volume settings icon in task bar, right click on icon, select Playback Devices, on tab Levels i increase CD Audio to maximum, and now i hear sound while watching channel in WinFast PVR2 program! Thats it, everything is working! Thanks a lot shahed26 ! Preview of my settings in Winfast PVR2 program:
  2. This guide does not help to me Does anyone gets bda working on 64 bit windows server 2008? I do this steps: 1. clean install of windows server 2008 x64 2. install all drivers of my motherboard, vga drivers 3. install tv card drivers (WinFast DTV 2000H) x64 4. use your bda install batch After restart i got some errors as above: kstvtune.ax ksxbar.ax I give up trying to get working BDA on x64 windows server 2008.
  3. Nothings helps to me, trying this steps or full guide again and with no success. When i ran register.cmd i have these errors: and I forgot to mention that i have 64 bit windows server 2008. I use source files from 64 bit Vista, this is ok. I dont know what to do now...
  4. Bad news from me, your guide does not help to me I follow all steps you wrote, all was installed successfully, but my software for watching TV still does not recognize my device. When i start program, it shows this error: when i go to settings to select device this i have: I dont know what to do now...
  5. Thanks for detailed instructions, later this day, i will try it with my TV Card Leadtek with its TV software - Winfast PVR 2, and give you info if this setup helps or not. Thanks again a lot!
  6. Please, write how to get BDA working on server 2008 as soon as possible, please...
  7. You're right. But it would be nice if BDA will be supported in server 2008.
  8. I wrote to Leadtek support, but their answer was: This is not what im excepting from Leadtek as customer :-(
  9. Yes i read this, but i read somewhere it can be something to do with directx, but now from your link no directx issue is behind that. Then we must wait M$ to add BDA support for server 2008
  10. You wrote: its microsoft. they do not have support for it yet, but support for what exactly, did you know? I think it may have something to do with directx 10, i will do some research with this, and give here info when have done researching of this problem.
  11. I have an Leadtek DTV2000 H, and have too this problem. I'm trying everything i can, about 10 programs to watch and record TV, but with no success. I found only information that this not working TV tuner has something to do with windwos(directx) BDA. Only program which works is DScaler, it shows TV channel picture and also sound, but recording does not record sound, and the quality of video was terrible, even when i set quality XviD/MPG-4 video settings. Now i'm waiting for some fix, from Leadtek or Microsoft.