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  1. First sorry for starting with the wrong innuendo, and as you might have read i tried to build my own live xp but it does not work, i used winbuilder to create it but every time it report errors in its log and i have attached the log file if you are interested. Second and to make it clear all i am trying to do is to learn how to build my own pe environment and install xp using U-XP-SET log.rar
  2. I am trying to install xp from usb after booting with pe but i can not get it to work and here is what i did I prepared my xpsp3 source on drive c and i tried to create a pe using lx77rc2cbw.exe but i keep getting errors on its log so i downloade xp live iso, then i copied from the iso file setupldr.bin and ramdisk.sys to USB_XP_Setup\makebt\srsp1 folder. i then started Make_USB.exe and pointed to both xp source and iso file downloaded and both are on c drive, i then started BOOT_IMG.exe and pointed to the iso file location and got overwrite files message and choosed overwrite(knowing that something is wrong),any how i rebooted using usb but i does not enter pe environment. so i was hoping to point out faults in what i did
  3. title 07 - title Fedora 9 LiveCD i686 root (hd0,0) kernel /syslinux/vmlinuz0 ro rootfstype=msdos root=LABEL=FEDORA quiet liveimg rhgb initrd /syslinux/initrd0.img It works fine, but i can not access my harddisk(Drive 1) partitions, any suggestions.
  4. Thanks jaclaz for pointing that for me and realize that they both refer to same root, and excuse me for i am new to all these usb stuff . root (hd0,0) kernel /syslinux/vmlinuz0 ro rootfstype=msdos root=/dev/sdb1 quiet liveimg rhgb initrd /syslinux/initrd0.img ilko i did not get your drift, did you mean to create a folder in my root named fedora and then change the entry or what. and for the the knowledge what do these enteries(hd0,1)and (hd1,1) refer to.
  5. It worked fine ilko and i used both boo.ini through SLBOOT.bs and my grub menu adding this entry title Fedora 9 LiveCD i686 find --set-root /grldr root (hd0,0) kernel /syslinux/vmlinuz0 ro rootfstype=msdos root=/dev/sdb1 quiet liveimg rhgb initrd /syslinux/initrd0.img Thanks dude.
  6. Thanks ilko_t, here is the syslinux.cfg after using the liveusb-creator Can i add entry to syslinux.cfg directly in boot.ini.
  7. I tried the NTFS format but i got DISK ERROR message when i tried to boot from the usb, any how i shifted back to FAT, and i would like to know how to add my fedora live dvd(690MB) to my grub menu, is it like knoppix or different. Thanks And i tried this entry title 12 - FEDORA Linux find --set-root /grldr kernel /linux24 ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=us apm=power-off vga=791 initrd0=initrd0.img nomce noapic qemu quiet BOOT_IMAGE=LiveOS frugal initrd0 /initrd0.img and find --set-root /grldr kernel /vmlinuz0 root=/dev/ram0 initrd0=initrd0.img PMEDIA=usbflash PKEYS=uk initrd0 /initrd0.img Both did not work.
  8. Again instead of opening new thread i prefered to continue with my old one. Well i have 2G kingstone usb stick and i would to know if i can use NTFS format using hp format tool to make xp setup faster or the hp usb disk format tool is used only for larger sized usb harddisks. Thanks in advance.
  9. What sohuld be done guys should i convert hiren's iso int image file or use Bart's mkbt.exe to create Boot sector file or what!!!!!!!!!
  10. :thumbup Thanks guys it works like magic and i installed xp from my usb, but i have a couple of questions and instead of opening new thread i though to continue with my old one. How can i add hiren and acronis to my multiboot usb i tried adding the boot folders in my usb root and extracting hiren boot file using ultraiso then adding an entery in boot.ini file but i did not boot from the usb. Also when i tried to add floppy images to my GRUB menu i got the following error message "try (hd0,0) : fat16:" title Boot floppy image - MS-DOS with smartdrv map (hd0,0)/images/DOS.IMA (fd0) map --hook chainloader (fd0)+1 rootnoverify (fd0)
  11. It is thanks ilko
  12. First thanks for your helpful respons and i would like to know about what is meant by option 2 in cmd file "usb content source" is it the extracted MultiBoot_8.zip or what and also after i finish should all the files shown in picture 15 be copied to my usb drive or i manually copy it from usb_xpbt Thanks
  13. First i would like to express my appreciation to this great forum. I have downloaded your USB_MultiBoot5.cmd and started the wizard giving the path to my xp source and my usb device and the wizard copied some files on my usb drive. What should be done after that and excuse me for i am new to all that and i need some detailed instructions.