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  1. yes I allready have sp1x64 for 2+/-, weeks now it works perfect even i didnt make clean install. it is not leaked version -its from microsoft
  2. yammat - visoko
  3. Theme...msstyle!!
  4. try, gpedit.msc..... somewhere there
  5. I believe he was referring to an existing installation. I know that the directory name can be changed before the installation. oh, existing?for windir im not shure, but for others system folders(not for all) theres a way to do manual by regedit after normal instalation -im shure.But if you have time - try
  6. long answer:yes but you have to make unattende disc(your xp cd) and you can there change the name of win folder or prgram files folder try to read msfn xp unattended guide...!winnt.sif!....
  7. I dont know , sorry I f you can do better, show us.... i will do my best, but i didt say that i can do better... this is what im done Windows6.0-KB936330-X64-wave0.exe /X:C:\extr after extration of exe file i took 936330.cab and extract it to folder C:\SPCAB\EXTRSP1 FOR %i IN (*) DO (START "Expand" /WAIT %Windir%\System32\Expand.exe %i -f:* C:\SPCAB\EXTRSP1) after extraction size of the folder EXTRSP1 is 2,4(+-)2.5 gb found update.mum ,change "allowedOfline-true" ,save and then im stop (i hope - "..to be continued")
  8. I dont know , sorry I f you can do better, show us.... i will do my best, but i didt say that i can do better...
  9. only from xp machine!!!! (my disc and p.k. works) forgot:made without any app
  10. I dont know , sorry Why doesn't that surprise me... tnx anyway, somewhere there must be the answer
  11. sp00f tnx for information, very good,i did all things how you wrote(just!!) i dont know the command for integration of folder with extracted files with pkgmgr,please can you post or describe shortly that, thank youDr.DifreNT
  12. for anybody who have intel 975xbx mb.+vista sp1 and have problems with sound =IDT - Audio - IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. for me everything works very good with some small errors in sound(just when click on something)but everything else is ok. you can use drvers for xbx2(aud_allos_5762x_5713.6v_PV_idtgui_v68)until they release stabil drivers.