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  1. HotKeys in Registry?

    23September2012 The following was/is an (indirect) reference to Ethervane» As I posted here» Ethervane does NOT show Alt-Shift-1, Alt-Shift-2 nor Alt-Shift-4 as assigned on the XP laptop in question ...which makes the situation even more enigmatic ... I wish MSFN lived up to its tagline ... it does not in my experience ...
  2. HotKeys in Registry?

    21September2012 I still have no idea what is intercepting those hotkey combos globally, but I have found that "whatever it is" does NOT intercept those hotkey combos when I put them in 1 of my custom/persistent scripts ... which I also do not understand ... That is, those hotkey combos do not work at all (on this specific XP laptop) ... no matter what window/app is "active"; however, some script like» #IfWinActive, "whatever" !+1::whateverAction1 !+2::whateverAction2 !+4::whateverAction4does capture those hotkey combos & execute whatever I have scripted ...
  3. 7August2012 Really! do you promise?Not only do you only speak hacker's English, but you are also unpleasant - snide & vulgar ... and seemingly clueless ... maybe you should "get a life" and get out of the forum(s) ...
  4. Cannot (re-)install ipv6 on XP-Home laptop

    4August2012 This XP-Home laptop has sp3 and had sp3 when I uninstalled ipv6.The issue is why XP gives the error message that it gives and what to do about it ... I do not know how to speak / say it in "hacker's English" ...
  5. 4August2012 Seeing as how I wrote» I have no idea why you wrote» Seeing as how I have described the issue in great detail,I also have no idea why you wrote» Maybe you speak "hacker's English"?Maybe you don't understand the details of the issue ... There is nothing helpful in your reply. Maybe you just like to make posts that try to criticize ...
  6. 3August2012 Years ago for some unknown/mistaken reason I uninstalled ipv6 on one of my XP laptops. I have not been able to reinstall ipv6 - neither via the commandline nor the GUI. The error message is» I have found/read» ipv6 % inf to no avail ... Any helpful replies/insights appreciated ...
  7. 3August2012 For the past year I have had the problem described in this thread. Now, all of sudden for some unknown reason, I can deselect File&PrintSharing on my wwwNICs ... without XP then proceeding to deselect F&PS on the other NICs and thus disable my (crossover/USB) LAN connections ... I can only guess that maybe this is because I am NOT using Windows to manage my wwwNICs on any laptops - (I am using the 3rd party wwwNIC management utilities) - and do not have WZC enabled on any of the wwwNICs ... I still hope to hear from someone who actually know something about this ...
  8. 26February2012 Any helpful replies/insights appreciated. Thank you. Regards, AEN Æ
  9. HotKeys in Registry?

    26February2012 Greetings. It has been a long time since I have had an XP hotkey problem, but this weekend I have come across another. I assigned Alt-Shift-1, A-S-2, A-S-3 & A-S-4 as local hotkeys to a freeware file manager. These hotkeys work fine on 2 of my 3 XP laptops. AS1, AS2 & AS4 are dead on the 3rd XP laptop. They do nothing in the freeware file manager. I cannot set these hotkeys in any app/util that sets hotkeys when the user types them. XP acts like these hotkeys are active/global hotkeys, but the hotkeys combos do nothing when executed. The AHks utility does NOT list these hotkey combos as assigned. I tried killing off every non-XP process 1 by 1 to no avail. I did a safe mode boot with no networking, no antivirus & no firewall to no avail. The hotkeys work fine on this laptop when I do a BartPE/XPE boot. I was "demo-ing" some freeware file managers - most were install-free/portable but not all. Under the safe mode boot there were only half a dozen processes running, so it seems to me the problem must be in the registry somewhere. I am at the moment a loss for how to re-enable these hotkey combos. Any helpful replies/insights appreciated. Thank you. Regards, AEN Æ
  10. 17November2011 Greetings. This posting (and the underlying issue) is(are) not about IPX/SPX. MS dropped IPX/SPX with Vista, so USB-Link products for Vista have to include IPX/SPX for the install. USB-Link products for XP could rely on the built-in IPX/SPX. I have to use IPX/SPX (& also use TCP/IP) for the USB-Link connection. This posting is about disabling File&Print Sharing. I gave the details in my original posting. One detail to add is that under Network Connections \ Advanced \ Advanced Settings \ Adapters&Bindings, I can deselect (on each/every NIC) TCP//IP from F&PS (& Client for MS Networks) but have to select (on each/every NIC) IPX/SPX for F&PS (& Client for MS Networks). However, like posted originally, I cannot deselect F&PS on the General Tab under each individual NIC Properties. This problem has come & gone but has not gone away this time. If I deselect F&PS on the wwwNIC, F&PS becomes disabled on each/every NIC on the General Tab under each individual NIC Properties. I should be able to deselect F&PS for the wwwNIC without losing F&PS on the other NICS ...
  11. 17November2011 Greetings. I recently decided to start using the "text" PerceivedType, so I could set the contextmenu in one place under SystemFileAssociations. I found out that XP will not treat .m3u nor .reg files as "text". XP will only treat m3u files as "audio". I guess there is something somewhere in the registry controlling that. I would like to know how to have XP implement any any PerceivedType entries I might make. Aren't users supposed to be able to assign any PercievedType option they want? Any helpful replies/insights appeciated. Thank you. Regards, AEN Æ
  12. 8June2011 Greetings. I am experiencing (once again) a randomly, recurring problem. Two of my XP (someone [else] still use/remember XP?) laptops (G & I) connect to the internet by either a WLAN NIC or ethernet NIC and then connect to the other laptop by either an crossover/ethernet or USB-NET NIC/cable. Right now G connects to the web by WLAN and connects to I by crossover/ethernet. Right now I connects to the web by a USB to ethernet adapter (connected to I by a PCMCIA USB card) and connects to G by (built-in) ethernet. Right now I connects to XP laptop T by USB-NW cable. I never connect T to the web anymore. G uses its internal WLAN & ethernet "NICs". The problem is that when I de-select File & Print Sharing (F&PS) on the NIC connected to the web, I lose F&PS on the local LAN NICS. De-selecting F&PS also makes changes to the "Adapters & Bindings" under Advanced Settings. Other similar bizarre things happen, like if I de-select NWLink NetBIOS on the NIC connected to the web, the other NICS on the local LAN lose the NWLink NetBIOS setting. These things do not always happen but they are happening again now. I could/would go into more detail if/when someone might be able to help me figure out what is going on and why ... (I have always had to use NWLInk IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Tranport & NWLink NetBIOS with TCP/IP on my local crossover ethernet LAN connections. I could use NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS WITHOUT TCP/IP but would then not have local LAN IPaddresses. The USB-NW "NIC" absolutely requires NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS.) Any helpful replies/insights appreciated. Thank you. Regards, AEN Æ
  13. 2 explorer.exe Instances

    11July2010 Greetings. On two of my three XP laptops, I now have two instances of explorer.exe running. That was never the case before and does not occur on my XP laptop "T", which is almost never connected to the internet. There are two types of Network Connections (NWC) mini windows» NCPA.cpl which loads a ExploreWClass window and control netconnections which loads a CabinetWClass window. I have determined that opening the CabinetWClass window starts the second instance of explorer.exe. If I close the CabinetWClass NWC window and open the ExploreWClass NWC window, I only have one explorer.exe instance. Anyway, I don't know how or why this has started nor why it only happens on two of my three XP laptops. Any helpful replies/insights appreciated. Thank you. Regards, AEN Æ
  14. Cannot PING Ad Hoc LAN NICs

    5December2009 Greetings. I am VERY HAPPY & RELIEVED to say that I have finally actualy hacked my way through this Network/Ping labyrinth and now seem to have a fully functioning PINGABLE XP Ad Hoc LAN. Regards, AEN Æ