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  1. how do I change my IP address????
  2. hi!!! I had trial version of Adobe cs3 on my laptop,laptop crashed and when I finally got it restored it says my trial has expired but I only used it for 10 days.Does anyone know where I can download it again please as I have tried from the Adobe site but when installed it says the same about trial being expired boo hoo!!!
  3. ===== Post Nº 1 ===== I have got as far as recovery disc 9 and I havent got that one....grrrrrrr So now Im stuck!!!!! ===== Post Nº 2 ===== Re unmountable blue screen etc,I have resolved this issue with help from a different sight thanks to those who bothered and to those who didnt!!1
  4. First off I am unaware of double posting????? AS i am facing different problems When i get the start up screen now I have f10 rom based when i slect this it asks for administrators password I do not have one I made recovery discs a while ago which i have tried to recover it with. I am now at a stand still on number 8 of these discs So sorry to go on but call me thick if you like I am certainly not bill gates and dont pretend to be Any help would be much appreciated here as soon I w9ill launching laptop from a great height!!!!!!
  5. I cant check it as it wont let m,e!!
  6. After a lot of headaches i have decided to resatore my pc to its original settings i had the unmountable blue screen boot volume!!!! so im recovering using discs i am on no 8 and seem to come to a stand still can anyone help please???
  7. hi wish i could access the bios but i cant lol
  8. I agree my hdd isnt bust!!! as I am currently re installing to default factory settings .....extreme i know but i had already made back ups of anything important on there that i had!!!! however i do seem to have come to a stand still on recovery disc 8 for some reason???
  9. sorry!!! i have started the download which i will copy to a disc then put on laptop do you think it will work? can i come back to you ?
  10. i have been to website and it appears i have to order it which i did couldnt find the immediate download though im sorry to keep on at you!!
  11. Yeah I have I have tried everything but it just takes me back to main screen where windows loads then just turns off again!! all f8 commands i have tried and then tried to f10 this gave admin password but i dont know it!!
  12. Re blue screen i have pressed f10 which brings me to a blue screen,again,with administrator password???? its not my log on one so is there a standard one set for a windows user ? if so does anyone know what it is please??
  13. Is there a repair that I can download an xp one to fix my blue screen of death????
  14. None lol!!!although its not funny i have a computer i can down load stuff from but its a works one so i have to be careful to not mess anything up!!
  15. I have no access to xp disc!!