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  1. I just spent a few hours scratching my head trying to figure out why Window 7 wouldn't accept my product key that I had entered into the autounattend.xml Then I found this in the help and I discovered I was placing my MAK key in the wrong place: Comparison of Product Key Settings (There are two places you can insert your product key) Microsoft-Windows-Setup\UserData\ProductKey\Key Specifies the Windows image to install during Windows Setup. If this setting is used by itself, Windows Welcome will prompt for a product key. Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup\ProductKey Specifies a Product Key to activate Windows. If this setting is used, Windows Welcome will not prompt for a product key. This setting can be used with Microsoft-Windows-Setup\UserData\ProductKey\Key. Note that the two product keys can be different. If you are using a Volume License Multiple Activation Key (MAK), it must be specified using this setting. Ed