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  1. Exactly. Anyone in here bitching is a an id***. I'm a webmaster myself, I own a dedicated server is cost like $200/month. You guys bitching about not beable to upload huge files, it becuase of 1. Harddrive space. Harddrives cost money. If 100 people upload a 1 gig file. Thats 100 GIgs already gone. 2. Bandwidth. Bandwidth is not free it, in most cases if you were allow to poeple to upload and share huge files. You will run at a loss, there would be no profit. In fact a Advertising banner usually only pays 10 cents per thousand people. NOw if you got 1,000 people come to the downloading page and each one downloads 1 gig file. Which is 2 TB (Terabyte) (upstream/downstream, once to upload and once to download) and you get payed 10 cents? Look at the prices here for a dedicated server http://www.theplanet.com/dedicated-servers...lt.asp?class=ms 2500 GB - 299$/month, thats only 2.5 TB. How would one ever pay the server bill not at a loss? That is not a sustainable business plan, and that is why you will not find a free file hosting site that will allow you to upload such huge files. So if you wanted to be able to upload huge files you have to Pay money. nothing on the internet is free, someone is paying and the webmasters aren't running a charity.