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  1. didnt have any problem... just slipstream wmp11 using wmp slipstreamer on winxp sp3 vlk.. and after that, use nlite to slipstream ie7
  2. it is already in there with sp3 .. no need to integrate it anymore.. but the microsoft office update can be implemented seperately
  3. Windows Desktop Search 3.01

    emm.. you cant integrate this?
  4. Slipstreaming SP3 [what's proper?]

    slipstream winxp sp0 to sp3 will result some few disadvantages on feature.. like the ie icon on desktop cant be enable via desktop properties .. sp2 - sp3 is much stable.. but people prefer to have some what fresh xp.. sp0 - sp3 .. for the unnecessary files..
  5. i want to know how to slipstream a *.reg file .. is this done normally on hotfix tab or driver tab? thanks
  6. Which version of Windows sucks the most?

    voted for ME cause everybody does it..
  7. i cant seem to integrate it using nlite or /integrate method... has somebody succeeded slipstreamed this into xp source? link http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=738fc2de-49b9-4e69-9227-2206277ab7c9&DisplayLang=en it has nice feature for desktop search once install
  8. i really want to know which is the best way to slipstream packs or updates into winxp source... using /integrate or 3rd party like nlite? is there any differences like might be missing some files while slipstreaming or not fully updating to the latest built files... i have winxp sp0 cd ... service pack 3.. win media player 11 setup .. ie7 + cumulative hotfix 1file .. + sata driver .. now the slipping part... not using nlite 1st i /integrate sp3 into xp then i use wmp11 integrator by jean-sebastian carle *not booogy's* because it's direct and dont have too many options to choose.. just choose the wmp11, winxp source, click integrate.. that's all.. now im opening nlite slipstream ie7+hotfix and also include the sata driver.. make a boot cd... this is just one or several ways i tried to make the best winxp sp3 cd that can be... but still, something felt missing... and also, sometimes the final image to burn is different makes me wonder, what other files that might integrated into winxp source using different method .. and will it result error if i just ignore this... because, if it slipstreamed then all the files should be there right? so why with the different imagesize? and include this windows update and office update into the source, can be done at last stage .. just manually copy the windowsupdate.exe and msdownload.exe into svcpack and write the necessary into svcpack.inf .. and burn the image for boot... so... am i missing something? cant seem to have that clean, smooth winxp sp3 cd... *sigh*
  9. should i do this method before or after i integrate the SP3? i have a copy of WinXP SP0 .. so the thing is i copy winxp content into a folder slipstream windows media player 11 go thru your method for windows update open nlite and beginning slipstreaming sp3 *i got a dialogue box saying about latest hotfix, should nlite remove it 1st * i ignored it slipstream sata drivers, ie7 .. include VL key.. and create image.. other things.. can i do the same setting for sfx you creating MSDownloads.exe to WindowsUpdateAgent.exe ? like