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  1. im not sure u get it, it boots fine, asks me to press any key, then says loading blabla(no blue screen yet) then all i see is a black screen with nothing written on it for ever... also, im on a laptop(compal fl90) and yes all ym hardware is fine. im gonna try the solution with just text mode drivers, and its obviously something with the cd since it didnt work at all, then i switched the way the iso was recorded and now it loads in windows, now lets see if with textmode only it loads in dos.
  2. did what u described and shuved everything up in the cd(all the drives) just to make sure, al all i got was a black screen after the press any key to start the setup... after 4 cd tries i got it to load in windows(using the mkisofs system at iso creation stage... great). it still gives me the black screen on dos, and doesnt solve anything. its curious how there are many people with this problem around teh forum, but no real post on it... any direction on this would be fine, i did exactly what u described and ONLY that, no nothing extra in the way. then i reboot, enable ahci and it loads the cd... pres key, etc.... the blakc screen! weird... also i know that everything in the pc is fine, actually the reason why ii want sata-mode on is because i can use it on gentoo(linux) so, instead of turning it off when i need to use windows, ti would be good if i could run windows with the sata enabled... thank for ANY response this really is becoming a dead end for me. edit: im using v1.4.5 beta 2 btw...