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  1. Okay, thanks for the update, and glad you've found the culprit. About KB3033929 and KB3035131, in the security advisories MS states that KB3033929 supersedes KB3035131, so the latter update is not really needed.
  2. I don't think any of the updates from last month, were non-integrate. But I'll test in a VM and see if I get the same message, cause I just updated my install media too.
  3. New ULZ's have been released with this new update included!
  4. Thanks for letting me know about KB2998812, I didn't know that update was for the RTM version only. Anyway, it will be removed in tomorrow's ULZ's KB2952664-v8 will be reinstated in the lists tomorrow too!
  5. Yeah, I know and I'll upload new ULZ's in a few minutes.
  6. Some updates will still show up in WU, even if you've integrated them. You can install them or just do what I do, hide them. There will be no Service Pack 2 for Windows 7 as it is now in extended support, and no longer in mainstream support. Though MS should release a update rollup like they do for Windows 8.1, and it should contain at least half of the updates that have been released since SP1. At last count there is approx. over 600 updates, this includes request-only hotfixes released through MS support.
  7. That's because most of the updates are superseded or Updates for certain features I don't provide updates for, like Remote Desktop. KB971033 is not in the list as it is a WGA checker, and not everyone wants it. KB976902 has been superseded by KB2533552.
  8. Thanks, it's already in the ULZ's cause the direct download links are the same for the previous versions
  9. I never experienced that , I get the welcome screen when I first launch IE11 after installing Win7, but after that it no longer appears for me.
  10. Not really except as a superseded update, it will take up valuable bed space in your offline image, plus it will make your image bigger in size than it should be.
  11. Yes it has been superseded ages ago, MS has forgotten to remove that update from notifying you, just hide it for now.
  12. All updates both Security and Non-Security (except for IE11 updates if you're not using IE11) can be installed/ integrated in any order. But be sure to know that some updates are non-integrate and are clearly marked in the lists.
  13. You too, and I hope everyone will have a happy new year too.
  14. KB2976627 is superseded KB2862152 is a Direct Access update is non-applicable in a home user list. KB2973351 will be added in January, unless the update gets superseded! KB2984972 is a RDP update which I do not provide in these lists! KB2993651 is already in the lists, always download and use the latest available ULZ's KB3003743 is a RDP update which I do not provide in these lists! KB3025390 is available in the latest lists! KB2985461 is a RDP update which I do not provide in these lists! KB2533552 is already in the lists, has been since 2011.
  15. Thanks, I know the ULZ's are out of date on the website, but you have to understand that JCarle is very busy at the moment, especially at this time of year. Just be patient. ULZ's have now been updated!