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  1. One thing is manually uninstalling a part of win-xxx. Totally another thing is doing that before installation is done. It means 1. Smaller iso 2. faster installation 3. fore sure v/nlite allows more configurations/components removing that ms will ever do 4. You don't have to apply every change everytime you install windows. It saves you a lot of time 5. Drivers / software automatic installation 6. etc, etc. Why shouldn't Vlite be needed anymore win win7???
  2. hmm you're right.. It probably happened something because I changed nLite language to english to let you understand the .ini. I'll make a new one!
  3. I know it seems so (ups), but I ran it only once anyway, here is the ini I used nlite3.ini
  4. Thank you, but I did everything with nlite in a single run.
  5. Ok I did a very light version of xp SP3 (140MB ISO), but I can't make it run I removed almost everything, made the ISO and tried to install it on a VM (sun virtualbox). I had a BSOD saying something like "c:\windows\system32\sfcfiles.dll is not a valid windows image blablabla". I googled for the problem and tried to disable the sfc function in the tweaks. it solved my problem, but now I have a new one: here is a kind of translation: winlogon.exe - Damaged image The application or DLL c:\windows\system32\sfc_os.dll is not a valid windows image. Please check it with your install disc. As you can see it isn't a standard BSOD. What can I do / What have I done wrong? thank you