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  1. Auto add attachment file in outlook 2007

    I just think some work is ineluctable
  2. very nice list, even including V3, I also like this site to check many portable apps, including both windows and Mac http://pocketapp.blogspot.com/2008/05/100-...-usb-stick.html
  3. hum, why not try portable software? I use portable software ,such as ******* v3,ceedo, Install all of my favorite software in the ******* platform,take all setting and applications with you, you only need an USB drive.You simply install it on a portable storage device and then plug into any PC. After that, you can access either a program or a data like you are working from your own computer. good luck!
  4. winPE, as we all know, is more and more sophisiticated for it can replace most of the functions of XP, surfing, working, music, movie, etc, the Next Best Thing. Even the best thing also has bug, this virtual environment cannot save datas while working, you can copy and past manually if you want to save a document, but you will not have any good solution to save your app data, this means you need to install an app again next time if you quit winPE, this may be a problem to many people, then how to save all our app datas at winPE?? Firstly, install PE in your usb flash drive<attention, your usb flash drive wil be formatted during this time>, if you don't know how to install PE in a USB drive or you don't know where to get a usb drive version PE, pls check this post http://windowsconnected.com/blogs/joshs_bl...-0-usb-key.aspx second, install virtual desktop in your usb drive. As far as I know, several softwares can realize virtual desktop in usb drive, such as sandisk U3, ceedo, ******* V3, as I've tested, only ******* V3 will work very well with PE, it can save all app datas automaticlly such as chatting history, password, app settings, so you needn't to worry about lose any good info in PE. If you don't know where to download a ******* V3, pls go to http://www.download.com/prayayav3/3000-2084_4-10824503.html. Also you can install ******* V3 after you've started PE via a usb drive, it will be much slowly but not easy to be error.. At last, you can install the apps you like via ******* V3 in your usb drive at PE, you'll feel much more better to PE.. You can have a try if you're interested in PE, welcome to have a discuss if you have any questions.. and don't forget to set your usb drive as the first starting dirve of your computer, Only in this way PE will start up in your usb drive..
  5. That Ceedo came with Lexar JumpDrive Lightining 4GB. seems that Ceedo will need usb drive to have high capacity, and my usb drive is 1GB..
  6. Ceedo or MojoPac. yes it seems that several softwares may have this function, now I'm using a trial version of a software called ******* V3, feel it's very easy to us who are not very special in computer, for it almost can support all my Office softwares including mail, chatting, I download it here: http://www.download.com/prayayav3/3000-2084_4-10824503.html maybe I'll try a final version, tks for your suggestion..
  7. I usually work at home, but sometimes , I must go to canpany to finish my work, however, all my data and software setting are at home, I can't move my PC every where.I heard one software can creat a virtualization computing environment on a portable USB 2.0 storage device. but i can't Recollect the software's name, I hope someone help, that would be greatly appreciated.
  8. tks for your supporting, it's really kind of you..
  9. I've been depressed for several days, for my Sichuan brethrens. As a Chinese, I'm proud of their strong will during this disaster time, as far as I know, strong aftershock will come again today in other cities in China, hope all of them will be safe and sound, I pray faithfully...
  10. Outlook 2007 send problem

    Hi, I can understand your problem, although I don't know where the receipt message is, there may be a way to solve your problem, the reason you can't send out that message is there is something wrong with your account setting, so I suggest you check your account settings to see if the server port is right, sometimes server port will decide your mail can be sent out or not, you can set the port as the email host said, different email hosts will have different settings with outlook, I'm sure you can find the right settings in your email host, may you good luck!
  11. Hi guys, first time here from HK

    Thank you, I'll enjoy the time..
  12. hello everyone, I'm Josef, from HK, I'd like to study more about kinds of software, wish everyone good luck!