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  1. What a great guide, thanks so much! To automate the process even more: 1. Modify 7zs.sfx as desired according to OP's instructions 2. Copy 7zS.sfx to your SYSTEM32 directory 3. Enter the following into a batch file: -------------------------------BEGIN CODE------------------------------- @echo off cls %~d1 cd %~p1 echo Enter the command (e.g. "msistub setup.msi /qb-!") without quotes: echo. SET /P CMDLINE= echo ;!@Install@!UTF-8! > config.txt echo RunProgram="%CMDLINE%" >> config.txt echo ;!@InstallEnd@! >> config.txt copy /b %windir%\system32\7zs.sfx + config.txt + %1 %~n1.exe del /q config.txt ------------------------------- END CODE ------------------------------- (The "code" tag messed up the echo commands) 4. Save batch file as %WINDIR%\System32\CreateInstaller.bat (save as UTF-8 as stated by original poster) 5. In Windows Explorer, Go to the "Tools\Folder Options" 6. under the "File Types" tab, go to the .7Z extension and click "Advanced" 7. Click "New..." 8. Under "Action" type "Create Installer" without quotes 9. Under "Application used to perform action" type %WINDIR%\system32\CreateInstaller.bat "%1" 10. Now, right-click any .7Z file you want to convert into an installer, and click "Create Installer" 11. A DOS window will prompt you for the command you want to execute within the 7Z archive. Enter it without quotes. 12. Voila! The installer appears alongside the 7Z file. Sorry I don't have time at the moment to upload screen shots. Just wanted to post this up. It's been a *great* tool for me. Thanks!