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  1. Hi guys I vlited vista 64 and keept everything that was said to keep windows update working but when I got into wondows and did the windows update I keept getting a 8007 something error I disabled the windows update services then windows update worked but when I restarted vista it went into a endless reboot.Does this have to do with me deleting the group policy and event log?And can I delete the printer stuff I have a lexmark X2650 printer/scanner. Thanks in advance
  2. What are msu packages services packs?
  3. Hi guys I have vlited my vista 64 SP1 and have a couple of things I wasnt sure on removing maybe you guys can help I have a nikon coolpix digital camera do I need to keep these Windows image acquistion Windows portable devices Windows photo gallery And is DNS client needed for the internet to work? I have already removed Component cache and I read windows update wont work so I might aswell remove the windows update service correct. I use Diskeeper do I need to keep event log? Thx in advance