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  1. many spaces host limited the forum functions so , I want to get a spaces to built my forum it had better not cost too much,and supports PHP and sql but also has a speed to surf somebody can introduce one to me ? many thanks ...
  2. oh yes... i vote none....nothing is everything why do so many people like the ZoneAlarm it is free...?
  3. how do you like Chinese free games ???
  4. i agree with upstair you can replace the vedio card and have a try maybe the problem will solve soon
  5. I mean when you finished the windows install,this screen will appear. I want to replace the background picture can you understand? So,what to do
  6. look at this how to change the C:\windows\downloaded program files icon.... which dll or exe's res should i replace?? this screen...i want to change thanks very much!!!!
  7. hey guy your add-on's 7z program has some wrong so ,you can't use the 7z to make the cab file
  8. Hey guys,have you replaced any files in i386 this problem show us that some files is not sp3 files