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  1. Your Uninstaller! PRO 2008 6.2.1267 Christmas Edition is out
  2. Your Uninstaller! PRO 2008 6.2.1262 is out
  3. UltraISO.Premium.Edition.v9.3.2.2656 is out thx for update
  4. ultraiso is out
  5. anyone know what is the signature for windows 2008? example : Vista>> Signature = "$CHICAGO$" XP >> Signature = "$Windows NT$" Server 2008 >> ??? thx for the answer
  6. i didn't found any problem with mouse & keyboard USB. i run vlite 1.2 on Vista x64 @3BABY, don't run vlite on windows XP. you must install Vista x64 first, then install vlite 1.2 if you want to make lite vista x86, you must run vlite 1.2 on Vista x86, don't use windows XP!!
  7. i think vlite 1.1.6 is perfect... didn't found problem on my vista SP1. i hope nuhi give more option on vlite - tweak, especially tweak for tcpip and uxtheme
  8. TU Utility 2008 v.7.0.8005 is out rado, can u update it