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  1. I think last update was 9.0.30729.7523 : 3
  2. Which version did you use ? It requires full Windows Update and same language version. I think You should apply English version. If you can boot recovery console, copy C:\WINNT\$NtUninstallxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\ files to system32.
  3. I try to install 2017 root certificates update on Windows 95. the advpack.dll is Win98 and later only, so I delete it. and install inf. I can find registry. It is installed on Windows 95. Perhaps Win98 has no problem.
  4. Notepad++ 6.x and 7.x needs comctl32.dll v6
  5. Okay. Will support this function Extended kernel v2.8j
  6. extended kernel has K32GetMappedFileNameW since before :3 Perhaps your install option has problem.
  7. v4.5.30 seems to work on extended kernel. it shows icons background image is black. :3 The installer may be blocked on HK_CLASS_ROOT\exefile\shell by access right
  8. Did it show device list "Intel(R) ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller", After you press F6 and insert FD ? If it does not show it. Check your file list on your fd. It includes "IAAHCI.INF, IAAHCI.CAT, IASTOR.inf, IASTOR.CAT, IASTOR.sys, TXTSETUP.OEM "
  9. >I used a Win2000 Adv Server CD with SP4. I set EnabledLBA, but I dont thinkt I need it, because the Array is just 80GB big. Can you check Raid controller Device ID on Win 7 Pro x64 ?
  10. I checked afd.sys call [NTOSKRNL.EXE!KeWaitForSingleObject] jmp L000257E3 L000257A2: mov ecx,C0000000h and eax,ecx cmp eax,ecx jz L000257E3 lea eax,[ebp-18h] push eax call [NTOSKRNL.EXE!KeReadStateEvent] test eax,eax jnz L000257E3 push SSZ0002563C_________________________________ call jmp_NTOSKRNL.EXE!DbgPrint pop ecx push ebx push SSZ00025670__AFD__IoCallDriver_returned_STAT call jmp_NTOSKRNL.EXE!DbgPrint pop ecx pop ecx push SSZ000256CC_________________________________ call jmp_NTOSKRNL.EXE!DbgPrint pop ecx call jmp_NTOSKRNL.EXE!DbgBreakPoint L000257E3: xor eax,eax v5.0.2195.6608 call [ntoskrnl.exe!KeWaitForSingleObject] jmp L000250CE L00025092: mov ecx,C0000000h and eax,ecx cmp eax,ecx jz L000250CE lea eax,[ebp-18h] push eax call [ntoskrnl.exe!KeReadStateEvent] test eax,eax jnz L000250CE push SSZ00024F2C_________________________________ call jmp_ntoskrnl.exe!DbgPrint pop ecx push ebx push SSZ00024F60__AFD__IoCallDriver_returned_STAT call jmp_ntoskrnl.exe!DbgPrint pop ecx pop ecx push SSZ00024FBC_________________________________ call jmp_ntoskrnl.exe!DbgPrint pop ecx L000250CE: xor eax,eax L000250D0: v5.0.2195.7204 It seems to be fixed :3
  11. Hi. I found these article. Your PC has 8 core - 8MB L3 cache. This case is 2 core - 16MB L3 cache. Is there Crash Dump ? How about changing /numproc option on boot.ini ? Is Your afd.sys version 5.0.2195.7204 ?
  12. Hi. You should use tgz package :3
  13. Sorry I find that I overlooked 19th Sep. and 28th Dec your mail. I will check them.
  14. Did you use the Win2000 CD integrated SP4 and set EnabledLBA ?