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  1. Hi. I added a function which you can change jpeg quality with registry to mspaint.exe. You can download English version from Here (You can find "mspainten" in article ) It use the following registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Paint\Settings JpegQuality REG_DWORD (Original mspaint value is fixed 75%) If you use Win2000, you should install gdiplus.dll to your PC. :3 best regards
  2. Plz Check ur videoprt.sys version. It requires 5.0.2195.6833 or later.
  3. What does it mean unmodified ? :3 You can get 7.6(for vanilla) and 8.9 (for Extended Kernel Core) If you use 8.9 on Vanilla, I think that it shows "iaStor.sys is corrupted"
  4. Perhaps DLL is broken by something bad operation.
  5. I released Windows Update URL Changer for Windows 2000.
  6. Hi. How about problem does it have ? I can not find bookmark problem on My environment with firefox 52.1.1.
  7. Umm... How about F6 install USB FD ?
  8. I do not know 5.00.2195.7369. 's BSoD bug fixed whether or not, so I uses 5.0.2195.7365 :3 (Perhaps that was WildBill's update.)
  9. I released MS17-010 for Windows 2000. it based on 5.0.2195.7365 and backport from MS16-114 to MS17-010 fix only.
  10. Can you check your AHCI device id ?
  11. On my Windows 2000, IE 6 jump from to!https:/
  12. Here is MS17-010 PoC. How about your Windows 2000 ? My Windows 2000 blocked it STATUS_INVALID_SMB and STATUS_SMB_BAD_TID. (it from Policy on Extendede Kernel DVD creation Kit )
  13. AHCI v8.9f driver is supported for AHCI. I think the USB DVD disconnect while Windows 2000 installation. I complete installed Windows 2000 to haswell Intel NUC , with SATA DVD.
  14. Umm ? Pale Moon 27.x should be used Vista compatible mode since before, should not it?
  15. I checked recent MSYS32. It use also the following Vista API. NTFS kernel Transaction APIs and GetNamedPipeClientProcessId. It may be difficult that embedded Transaction APIs. :3