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  1. Can you find CoGetInterceptor or CoGetInterceptorFromTypeInfo in any source in mozilla firefox 51 ? : P
  2. The function is too complex . How did they change mozilla code ?
  3. It seems something wrong. plz refer these documents. : P
  4. Windows Vista and 7 use microsoft AHCI driver. on Windows 2000, We can replace it to intel sata driver. :3
  5. I released Intel 7th chipset (KabyLake/200series) driver released for Customized Windows 2000 powered by Extended kernel. you can download from WLU But there has been no SATA Driver yet. I will release one for Windows 2000 soon after intel release.
  6. It seems to cause of Extendede Core videoprt.sys, can you check version status each one ?
  7. Which version did you use without problem ? Which has problem nvidia driver or extended Core, do you think ? :3
  8. I tried it : P
  9. Is your error yellow exclamation mark on device manger ? Will you show me dependency walker SS of nv4_mini.sys ?
  10. It exists same page. KB979683 is.
  11. 1. You should install Internet Explorer 6 security update KB2722913 or later from WLU. 2. You should apply QFE registry before install it. 3. It may require recent cert root update. 4. v28* is compatible version for Vista. v28*G is compatible version for Windows 2000/XP. I recommend v28*G.
  12. nVIDIA recent driver does not require extended kernel but extended core. extended kernel is API component. extended core is driver component.
  13. Don't apply it. Windows 2000 SP 3 and before version not support USB 2.0 You should create SP4 Integrated CD and reinstall with it.
  14. I released openssl 1.0.1t for Windows 95 today.
  15. It is same the following link. See also KB3162593