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  1. Hi. I refreshed jre131 installer. (replace file) Does it improve any ?
  2. Will you send me all your nvidia binaries ?
  3. Is there no problem on English version ?
  4. Almost case, rebased is not problem Excepting kernel32 rebased. Have you tried to execute regsvr32 to all dlls ? :3
  5. Why did you use KDW component ? Extend kernel seems to load nvcplui.exe
  6. Sorry I have not recognized the reason yet. I released Kernel v2.8i / 2.8Gi and embedded GdiGetBitmapBitsSize on gdi32.dll, plz try it :3
  7. Try F8 install with Intel Matrix Storage Manager 7.6
  8. Will you attach k-meleon's dependency walker log ? And I found a problem on your environment. usbaudio.sys should be use 5.0.2195 , perhaps your USB Speaker would not output any sound. > Part of the problem could be that EXKDXCNF.exe does not work correctly with german w2k. Error message rplbfile and second error message "d3d9 cannot be written to" will pop up even when d3d9.dll is NOT used by browser or another process (I controlled with processexplorer). Problem with different bases or location? I simply copied content of dx folder from extracted exkernel kb into system32. Umm, really ? I research about it.
  9. Here is Qupzilla 1.6.6 :3 I have a question, do you search Doodle 1.4 but you are using it ?
  10. I think the Firefox v28 compiled with VC2010. The localized version binary may be different from original version. Can you upload the zip file of the firefox folder ? :3
  11. How to use the EXKDXCNF before run it terminate any d3d9.dll loaded processes. You can find them with process explorer.
  12. The 0xffbadd11 seems "FireFox BAD Dx11" :3
  13. Sorry, I replaced it.
  14. Hi, I fixed link yesterday,
  15. Firefox 51 will work on Extended kernel v2.8h :3 Plz wait for English version soon. I released it :3