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  1. Its show the key. what is its reverse method?
  2. Itz similar like nLite Add-On Maker. Thanks but how i create 4 kernal at one type without copy pasting many times?
  3. Good But....... Not Excellent Yaar....
  4. I create a gamer edition logo for xp using booteditor it working fine on my machine. but after apply it in xp cd, when i install it the logo show only 1 time then it show normal xp logo. how to create all 4 kernal files then create 7z file like this one that can i integrate using nlite(itz easy)......... in vista editor there i not found any exe creating option it show this option not available more i want to create that gamer edition bootscreen with all kernal and upload into net and give that to some of my frnds... how it possible? see this my bootscreen screenshot...