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  1. LBA Problems

    is there any way i can specify cdimage to compile the iso the way i want it to. for eg, here's the problem on knoppix on my iso: my cdshell boot is located at 12000 lba, the knoppix boot loader is located at 200,000 lba while the knoppix file system is located at 80,000 lba. i assume my optical drive is having a hard time trying to reach these files. anyone have a solution to this problem? i have tried using mkisofs GUI on sorting but can't understand it. also with using mkisofs, my dvd iso won't boot. here's the cdimage syntax im using. start cdimage.exe -l"Multi-Boot DVD" -t03/22/2008,13:00:00 -h -j1 -b"F:\asas\boot\loader.bin" -o -m "F:\asas" "C:\BOOT_AIO.iso"
  2. boot: show image graphics\menu.csi getkey 20 boot 0x80 if $lastKey == key[1]; then goto me if $lastKey == key[2]; then chain /2000/2000.DAT if $lastKey == key[3]; then chain /WSP2/WSP2.DAT if $lastKey == key[4]; then chain /WSP3/WSP3.DAT if $lastKey == key[5]; then chain /3STD/3STD.DAT if $lastKey == key[6]; then diskemu /KNOPPIX/boot.iso if $lastKey == key[7]; then diskemu /BT3/load.iso if $lastKey == key[8]; then isolinux /live/vmlinuz1 initrd=/live/initrd1.img boot=live union=aufs noswap vga=791 ip=frommedia nolocales if $lastKey == key[a]; then chain /XPPE/XPPE.DAT if $lastKey == key[b]; then diskemu /SETUP/UBCD/UBCD.iso if $lastKey == key[c]; then memdisk /HBCD/boot.img if $lastKey == key[d]; then diskemu /SETUP/PASS/PASS.ISO if $lastKey == key[x]; then goto serial if $lastKey == key[p]; then end if $lastKey == key[r]; then reboot if $lastKey == key[esc]; then boot 0x80 if $lastKey == key[F1]; then goto Help serial: show image graphics\serial.csi getkey goto boot me: show image graphics\me.csi getkey 20 goto boot if $lastKey == key[1]; then memdisk /SETUP/ME/COMMAND.IMA if $lastKey == key[2]; then memdisk /SETUP/ME/SETUP.IMA goto boot end the input "p" is to "quit to command prompt". but when i press "p", nothing happens... the "menu.csi" image stays at it is. the command prompt screen doesn't come up. i researched around a bit and it turns out t does actually switch to command prompt in the background when i press"p". but the image file "menu.csi" blocks it from showing. it's only when i input rubbish in front of the image screen does it switch to the command prompt. check screenshot.
  3. Bootable CD?

    cd won't boot? problem 1) boot sequence problem 2) bad cd (burned at high speeds) problem 3) bad/weak drive (some cd's work on it but some don't)
  4. File System Problems... HELP!

    hey thanks cdob for the suggestions. but i got it figured out with cdimage and here's the code i used. it can boot both linux and windows. i'll post my work in the resources section.
  5. i have windows and linux distributions on my dvd but im having trouble making an iso. im using cdimage.exe start cdimage.exe -lAIODVD -t08/23/2001,09:00:00 -b\MAIN\BOOT\loader.bin -h -n -o -m \MAIN C:\AIO-DVD.iso can someone tell me what"-h" "-n" "-o" "-m" means... ============================== better yet im trying to make a dvd with these two file systems. ISO 9660:1999 v2 (max 207) + Rock Ridge anyone kind enough to compile the necessary switches for these two file system... plz.
  6. Weird NTLDR Error

    do you have these files n your root WIN51 win51ip.SP2 WIN51IP.SP3
  7. a way to integrate UBCD 3.3

    hey tostis, i used diskemu to call the ubcd iso and it worked for me... i can browse the menus and selecting options from the menu works too...
  8. MKISOFS syntax needed

    hey thanks jo, i'll check it out...
  9. x:\XPPE\system32\setup.exe not found

    FIXED IT!!! actually, i didn't fix anything... freaking bad iso... it turned out that my ultraiso application was making "unique" iso's every time i compiled the multi-boot folder... sometimes it would make an iso that worked and sometimes it didn't... other times parts of the iso's work and others don't like this "profiles.exe not found" case of mine...
  10. EDIT : for some reason this method doesn't work with multi-boot... all the isolinux commands from cdshell.ini technically fail... for example this one... this ends with the "filesystem not found" error screen. however, make an iso with just and only dsl with cdshell and it boots up perfectly... no errors... i always use rock ridge and iso 9660 as file systems... does anybody know why this happens???
  11. MKISOFS syntax needed

    hey, i've generated the following code via gui... it gives me these following warnings... i can't make out which ones to ignore and which ones to take seriously... can some one explain me here... and could someone PM me the latest version of mkisofs.exe cause i read somewhere that the latest version may solve removing some warnings...
  12. MKISOFS syntax needed

    oh man... i gotta read all those... i get bored just watching it... anyways, i'll start later today and in the mean time if anyone here has a ready made code to include iso and rock ridges and other things then plz post a code...
  13. MKISOFS syntax needed

    i've been using magiciso and ultraiso to make ISO's for a while now and been getting the weirdest errors... sometimes when one OS works, the other fails... when i compile again, the failed one works but some other OS fails... i'm sure now that magiciso and ultraiso are the root of all my problems... heres the list of OS in one dvd i've made ready... 1) Win 98 SE 2) Win ME 3) Win 2000 4) Win XP Pro SP2 5) win XP Pro SP2 PE 6) Win XP Pro SP3 lite 7) Windows Server 2003 8) Dammn Small Linux 4.4.1 9) Gparted 0) Knoppix A) BackTrack 2 Final could someone plot out the required/necessary MKISOFS commands to make a 100% working ISO plz... i've never used mkisofs and i'm afraid that i might fu@k up the whole ISO if i do for the first time and i've already put a lot of work into compiling these OS's... could anybody assist me here plz... my boot loader is in boot\loader.bin
  14. i just downloaded DSL 4.4.1 and managed to multi boot it.. heres how.. 1) i extracted everything from dsl-4.4.1.iso to a folder named DSL 2) i copied everything within folder DSL\BOOT\ISOLINUX to folder DSL 3) i copied everything within folder DSL\KNOPPIX to folder DSL 4) i deleted folder DSL\BOOT 5) i deleted DSL\LOST+FOUND so the folder contents of DSL are... finally here's the isolinux command i use to call DSL from cdshell.ini its all one line... and i made some changes... 1) i kept folder DSL in a folder called SETUP (doesn't matter where you put it. just remember to call perfectly from the cdshell.ini menu) 2) i use the above command to redirect to the following files LINUX24 / MINIRT24.GZ / KNOPPIX. finally, i set my file system to ISO 9660 and ROCK RIDGE...
  15. have you put the dsl files in root?? anyways, im using cdshell because i have widows on my multi boot... you could try pointing your dvd boot file to > cdshell > and cdshell to isolinux... use cdshell to boot dsl... just a wild guess.