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  1. I get the error "autochk.exe not found" on first boot up from my nlited os xp install. After the error it gives me a BSOD. This is on a virtualbox image. All I did to this install was add a bunch of programs, windows updates, and added a tweaked uxtheme.dll file.
  2. Sorry for the mix up, didn't know the wording off of the top of my head NOW I know what to do, thank you very much.
  3. I know how to do that, but how do I make my windows installer execute "regedit /s tweak.reg"?
  4. This may seem like a noob question, but I see alot of unattended guides referring to a tweak.reg file. They link me the the msfn unattended tutorial, but it says nothing about creating said file. Can some olne point me to a tutorial on how to do such a thing? I used nlite to config my xp disk.
  5. how do I change out of Tree View? All thread replies are compacted into a stupid tree that gimps the whole forum. I want to be able to view 20 replies at once, not click on each and every one >.<
  6. Uhm there is no "download" link, just the hotfixes and installer. Am I missing something?
  7. why do I need to download a gig iso to get waik? Thats crazy huge for something that burns iso's. >.<
  8. Actually the os is server 2k3 standard sp2. I ripped the 2 cd's into iso's. How would I combine the two split iso's so that I can convert them into a folder for nlite.
  9. How do I combine the files from each cd so I can strip it using nlite? I just turned them both into .iso's
  10. How would I use nlite with a 2 cd instalation?
  11. Thanks for the advice I'll try this as soon as I finalize my install disk
  12. How do I integrate registry changes from .reg files into my n-lite install?
  13. Right click it and select "remove from list"
  14. I ran my copy of XP Pro SP2 through n-lite. I slipstreamed SP3, and took out some unnecessary apps and services from it. I burned the finished folder to two disks and both disks did not work with the 3 computers I tested them with. Do I need to enable the output to .iso option?