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  1. Thank you Tripredacus, wasn't sure if it was strictly a 64 or 32 bit problem. or both?? I did manage to get it to work by switching the sata cables on ports 2 and 3 on the motherboard (Hard Drives D: and E: in Windows). I double checked my motherboard user guide (P5QC) and there listed as: 1-2 3-4 5-6 So in order for Windows to see them in order, 2 and 3 have to be switched in bios, making them out of order there. Weird? Anyways, thanks for the help all, problem solved...close if you like.
  2. I installed a new sata hard drive recently and in the motherboard bios the drives are listed in the correct order. But in Windows XP64, under Disk Management, 2 of my drives show in the wrong order. sata1 C: in bios------>disk0 C: in disk management ========== Correct sata2 D: in bios------>disk1 E: in disk management ==========\ These 2 are in the wrong order... sata3 E: in bios------>disk2 D: in disk management ==========/ How do I get the to be reconized like they are in the bios? sata4 F: in bios------>disk3 F: in disk management ========== Correct I tried connecting all my drives one at a time. At first drive D: shows up as disk1, but as soon as I connect drive E: and reboot there switched again??? This is absolutely maddening. I suppose I'd have to completely reinstall windows to get them to show correctly?
  3. Came for more info on nlite. Liked everything I saw, so I decided to make an account and I am. Great site, hope to learn a lot from my stay .