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  1. There is an UNOFFICIAL italian translation of the guide here: Images and a "full" guide with images is here: Just read this post or the post just above yours. jaclaz wow! many thanks for helping me!
  2. I am another unlucky and sad-angry guy. I've a 7200.11 SATA ST3750330AS with SD15 firmware. I've update the firmware now on SD1A but have again BSY error problem. How I can do for fix and recovery my data? What I can do?! are all my files lose? The solution posted is difficult for me. I'm italian, if there is an italian guy that want try to help me, I would appreciate. Thank all for support.
  3. ok! I've understand! Many many thanks!
  4. Hello! I need help! I would like to know how is possible to get transparency in a bmp file (I know that bmp doesn't support transparency) cause your rouded win logo pic insert in the right top corner is a transparency bmp file I think. So, your sysdm.cpl edited with reshacher show me this: and if I try to export the bmp for use it in my sysdm I obtain a pic that show the purple color. So instead of this win logo, I would like to insert this: but I would like to show only the logo in the same way of yours. I hope you understand me and you can help me. Many thanks and sorry for my bad english, I'm italian.
  5. For ie7 you can download microsoft internet explorer administrator toolkit ieak 7 for create your personal ie with your option (favourite, default page, ecc.). Then you can integrate your ie7. You can find it here: IEAK7 on the right of the page choose your language, then download, install and run wizard. Enjoy! For wmp11 I can't help you, sorry.