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  1. Hi ... I'm using IE 7 which I like to use . For some reason now when I see a link or a webpage whether it be someone post or even from a webpage and it has a link to view another webpage it wouldn't load . It did before but now when ever I click on something it doesn't load . I'm using Vista sp1 Ultimate and everything is up to date . Like for instance If I try to click on Full story / " One Microsoft way " nothing happen . Any idea what might be the cause ? Thanks .
  2. Hi, Thx for the welcome and suggestion , though I did this before I saw your post Right click on the Folder Select Properties Click on the Security tab Click on the Advanced button Click on the Owner tab Click on the Edit button In the Change owner to box, highlight your account Check Replace owner on subcontainers and objects Click on Apply Click on Yes to replace all permissions Continue to click on OK until you
  3. Hi, I hope I'm in the right place for some help . I'm trying to extract a dll file into the system32 folder but I'm getting access is denied , How can I correct this ? Thanks