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  1. Dear NLite users and developers, I ve got a ASUS AN8X E deluxe Motherboard with a 1st gen. SATA chipset (SiI 3112A RAID controller) . Using a "golden" Win XP (no servicepacks), nLite works flawlessly, with the old SATA drivers integrated on the installation disc. I wanted though to use this old motherboard in a Media center, having a OEM MCA disc v5 (service pack 2), I ve been trying endlessly different SATA nForce drivers as described in the first posting , as well as the newest and the old drivers provided by silicon to make it work, but I get either the message "windows was unable to find any hard drives on this system" or by other combinations "setup cannot copy". Pressing escape and continue the installation leads to blue screens at restart with error code 0x0000007b, which supposedly means the drives are not accessible. Please advice, A. Torgersen