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  1. I personally and at work have used Symantec corporate AV and superantispyware. Another good anti-spyware program is malwarebytes. Now I have some 64bit machines running and have temporarily fallen back on AVG due to symantec corporate (end point) not having vista 64 ultimate support. I am waiting for a call back from a Sophos rep tomorow.
  2. Motherboard: Asus P5N-T Deluxe CPU: Intel Quad Core Q6600 clocked at 3.6GHZ CPU Cooler: ThermalTake V1 RAM: 8GB Super Talent Hard drives: 2 150GB Western Digital 10,000RPM Raptors for OS. 400GB, 80GB, and removable 320GB for data storage HDD Coolers: Both Raptor hard drives are in 5 1/4" coolers each having dual fans Optical drives: Liteon 20X DVDRW, Aopen 52X CDRW, 16X DVD-ROM Graphics cards: NVidia Geforce 8600GTS with 512MB RAM, NVidia Geforce 8600GT with 256MB RAM Power supply: Antec Quatro 1KW (1,000 watts) Monitors: 4 20" Acer LCD monitors Zip: USB Iomega zip250 Floppy drive: 3 1/2" Sony FDD Media reader: 7 in 1 media card reader in 3 1/2" bay case: Chieftec DA-01WD-FPD full tower with plexi window Case Cooling: 92MM fan above power supply, 2 80MM fans next to I/O panel helping exhaust verticle CPU cooler, 1 of the HDD cages removed and case modified with thick 104CFM antec 120MM fan Speakers: Altec Lansing stereo speakers with sub, Cyber Acoustics stereo speakers with sub http://www.tulsatech.net/machine/ Excuse the wifes dolls in the pics.
  3. Server 03 to Server 08 migration

    Well, the migration did not happen. I got to the point of demoting the old 2003 box and it wouldn't demote. It was barking about the old secondary domain controller that died. I went and the old one (ttdc2) from AD comp and users but still had issues with dcpromo. I would tell dcpromo that it was the last DC in the forest and it would error stating that it was not the last. I then tried telling it that it was not the last in the forest and it would error stating that it was the last. Anyway, all in all everything went ok. Took 3 days (evenings after work) and two $60 books. I have two server 08 boxes us as domain controllers. Bother are GC servers. Primary server is also running exchange 2007 as well as DNS and secondary is also a print server. AD is redirecting folders as I wished. I am generally pleased. I hope for better stability then Vista.
  4. Server 03 to Server 08 migration

    FRom what I have gathered, it appears pretty straight foward. Same as before. Prep, join domain, set as GC, and it will replicate. Only problem I have is that the users have folder redirection to a share that is on the server 03 box. The only thing that I can think of is get everyone logged out, move the data to a share on the new server, and resetup folder redirection. Only problem is that the Administrator account does not have rights on the user's data. Any ideas? Should I take ownership, move the data, and then change ownership back to the users? Also, I have no clue on migrating exchange over. I am using public folders and have heard that there are no public folders in exchange 07. I guess that it is time to study up on share point...
  5. I am a complete newbie to server 08. I worked with server 2000 years ago and then went to BSD for many years. About a year ago I setup two Server 03 machines at my home with AD and Exchange. They are fairly simple. The AD has a few group policies to restrict the kids on some stuff. Both servers do DNS for the network and are domain controllers. The secondary machine is also a print server. The secondary machine died about a month ago so I am now just dealing with the one server. I just got server 08 enterprise and exchange enterprise. They are both X64 (obviously because that is the only way exchange comes now). I am looking for any advise or web tutorials on migrating my 32bit 03 to 64bit 08. It is not an upgrade as I am using a new server.