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  1. Hey, First of all excuse me for my English - it' not my native language :$ I have searched for a solution for 3 days (google) but haven't found it. Maybe You fellows can help me. My problem: I would like to create custom XP install CD - it's almost ready and it's almost perfect for me (it has SP3, and the latest updates, WMP11 and IE7 etc)...only one little thing disturbs me. That little thing is that I want to replace the original wallpapers (names). Example: on the original XP installation CD (i386 folder) there is default wallpaper named Bliss (clouds and stuff ) and I would like to replace it with wallpaper named Cat. Right now I have so called half-done solution - I replaced the wallpapers on installation CD but names remained as original...I have picture/wallpaper with Cat on it but named Bliss... I don't wanna add wallpapers but wanna replace te original me! Tnx