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  1. once I used this with NSIS script : ExecWait '"$PROGRAMFILES\Google\CHROME\Application\chrome.exe" --make-default-browser' after install use chrome.exe from installed path
  2. I suggest to try PotPlayer instead of KMP
  3. A great maker for silent istall,see there My link
  4. Try to install it silently,it seems no toolbar in this case
  5. After register it,try to export HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PowerISO] I think key you want is there : "USER"
  6. It seems that setup is killing gom.exe process so you have to rename setup to something else but GOM.EXE
  7. You can try this :
  8. Take a look there,I use this for a while and it works fine :
  9. Silent install is not working with Aimp 3 current version (AIMP 3.00.976) : you can try this until is done : Just extract exe from the archive A good day !
  10. I love NSIS: install and check \Program Files\NSIS\Examples\ - right click to compile scripts to exe
  11. Try this : Also you create your updated add-on with this tool
  12. I don't use avast but I've downloaded that file and it is named : Avast50396_silent.exe
  13. For Switchless Installer just extract the .exe from 7z archive.
  14. I've made this installer using teamviewer portable