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  1. Hi! I mean the "automatic" installation using the unattended.xml :-) l8r!
  2. Installing from USB-Stick: Win XP Unattended is OK Win Vista Unattended is OK Installing from USB-Harddisk: Win XP Unattended is OK Win Vista Unattended is NOT OK Not know why... (
  3. Hi all! I prepared my USB Harddisk with "USB_MultiBoot_10". - XP can be started and works 100% unattended. - VISTA start OK via GRUB4DOS but installation is not unattended. If I'm installing my VISTA source only to any USB Stick/Hdd it's OK and 100% Unattended. Any idea why when starting from GRUB4DOS it doesn't work as well when installed alone? Thanks you for help ;-) l8r! --- Here is the root of the USB ---
  4. Adding these lines to winnt.sif worked 100% also for the USB Installation ;-) Thanks you very much!
  5. Hi all! I successfully prepared my USB-Harddisk with WinXP SP3 slipstream installation. Works 100% but I would like to know if there is a way to get ride of the "Windows Logo Testing" YES/NO screen during the installation. At about 60% when XP is trying to install the Host Controller device it says has not passed the Windows Logo Program and I have to press YES to continue. I found many threads about this problem but any of the solution seems get ride of that question. Thanks you very much ;-)