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  1. hi, get the Tool Everest Ultimate Edition, which shows you ALL information you need, even the one from unknown devices.... this devices could be some features of your mainboard. Install latest service pack for your windows (suppose you are using xp) and afterwards the unknown device should get renamed to something like audio device. or get latest drivers from the ASUS Page for your soundcard or from the manufacturer, which contains the patch for the HD Audio. xp itself doesnt know what to do with hd audio, so it shows up as unknown device. the pci device could be the new security "feature" TPM-Module, which is integrated in you motherboard. it's not necessary, but u can download the drivers from your motherboard manufacturer OR you can disable this in the bios of your motherboard. with regards, PhanTom
  2. hi, i have an nforce 570 SLI chipset for AMD Processor. on the nvidia site there are still the links to the new nforce chipsets 15.17.... i have an old 9.6 version which works, so no problem on this point. but i will do some test, in trying not to integreate the whole sata_raid folder without the floppy folderst, but still try to integrade only the subfolders of floppy, called disk1 and disk2. maybe this works..... with regards, PhanTom
  3. hi all, is there alreaydy a solution for this problem? i'm having the same problem for the nvidia package 15.19 i have slipstreamed a clean xp with sp3 and integrated the drivers from sataraid without the floppy subfolder, but i got an error message saying he could not find the nvrd32.sys (this is from the nvidia package). also tried the same with sp2 but samer error..... what can be done for the new pachages to work???? with regards, PhanTom