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  1. No, not really, i ment a way where it would prompt me to change cds during the install of xp while its copying the $OEM$ & setup files. OT: A note bout the moderation of this board: Its sad when a MOD has to cramp a thread about deleting repeated topics... but then i guess this forums hasnt reached a stage yet where its seen many people, and the mods arnt old enough to realyze that topics will get "repeated" (and this isnt quite a repeat, as it is slightly different then the other topic), but each to their own I guess. Its also become sad where a mod doesnt help any more, but is a sarcastic lazy bum, and the members follow blingly.
  2. Hello, i dunno if its been asked or discussed, i havnt been able to find the answer. But is it possible to split the install on to multiple cds? Eg: Windows XP install files on one cd, while the $OEM$ files & addons on a seprate? Right now im up to around 950Mb on the ISO, cutting out as much as I can. I dont have a DVD burner or this wouldnt be a problem. I would like to make a single install set so i can have everything, more or less, installed at once, yet still be "universal" enough to use it on multiple computers. Thanks in advance.