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  1. IT WORKED!!! I have to note that this time I burned the CD at 8X thank you!!!
  2. Hi! thanks for the quick reply! I will test today to integrate SP3 to the CD that I have already integrate the drivers and it is working (not simultaneously as i tried before) and I will let you know the results... (integrade SP3 and afterwards the drivers is not working for sure as I have already tried it) Thank you, D
  3. Hello! very usefull post and nice info thank you all!! After reading it I managed to overcome the iaStor.sys error at the setup of win XP to an Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Xi2428. Using an original XP cd with SP2, added with textmode the appropriate drivers and installation completed with no errors. My problem is that when I tried to add both service pack 3 and drivers and make an unattended installation, when istallation begin I got again the error that iaStor.sys can not be loaded (although I can see my HDD and iastor.sys is loaded and start the install) Is there any way to use nlite for both drivers AND sp3 or I should install SP3 afterwards?? Thank you in advance for your help. Regards, D.